Ismael Alonso

Engineer, triathlete, photography aficionado.


On Me

Hi! My name is Ismael. I'm a software engineer currently living in Pittsburgh, PA with strong ties to Memphis, TN. Always drawn by spontaniety and adventure, things of my interest include the outdoors, good food, working out, music, and pretending to take decent photographs. I have a bachelor's in computer science from Memphis State and I'm working towards my master's at Pitt. I take contract work; let's talk if you need some Android development done ;)


Sensorly was a coverage map and speed testing app and platform that crowd sourced telephony network information from mobile devices from all around the world. I first got involved with Sensorly when I got hired by Mosaik to rebuild the Android application.


Throughout the years, I have participated in a few musical ventures, usually as a lead guitarist. Things like "two practices and a show" Artista Invitado, later on Clojure, and most recently Castile, a solo project named after the region of Spain where I was born. The saga continues... intermittently :)